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The first brick in the (Berlin) Wall

What happened when you feel like split in two watching the tv? It happened when Germany faced Germany” wrote Gunther Grass in 1974. He spoke about the Bruder Duell between East Germany and West Germany at the 1974 World Cup. The match that transformed Jurgen Sparwasser in a living legend.

At the 1974 World Cup, West Germany were the host nation and the main favourite for the title. The frame of the Nationalmannschaft came from Bayern Munich, recent European champions: Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, the stopper Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, Paul Breitner, the box-to-box midfielder Uli Hoeness, the main scorer Gerd Muller. On the other side of the Berlin Wall, stars of that level could be seen only on tv screens. In the Oberliga, the East Germany first division, the few transfers were decided by the Ministry of Sport. Officially, players were amateur, although they were secretly recognized bonuses, particularly in case of a positive results against Dinamo Berlino, the Stasi team.

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